Tips For Working With Plywood

Plywoood is a wonderful material that has all sorts of uses, but over time it has gained a bit of a reputation of being a less than desirable material for building furniture.

This is probably because of using base grades of plywood for purposes they were never intended for.

In addition these tips will go a long way towards helping turn a simple material into beauty.

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A love for wood stuff

In keeping with tradition we’d like to dedicate the new version of this site to a shared love of all things done with wood – even those things that we don’t really appreciate ourselves or aspire to creation of.

The fact is that the natural beauty of wood is something that can be emulated but never truly matched. Some of the fakes around these days are truly amazing – when viewed from a distance. But once you get your hands on them, once your senses are truly engaged, why then you realize that on some level the simulacrum is lacking in some vital component.

With the best of the reproductions, you sometimes can’t lay your finger on what is wrong. On some level you just know.

Anyway I digress. This site will be for those who love the prospect of getting their hands buried in sawdust. And sometimes for those who just want to appreciate the work of those that do.

It may focus on the more prosaic side of woodworking, but the creative and beautiful will be visited too.

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